Wallbox Basic Range

WallBox Touch Series

Designed for public and private indoor & outdoor car parks, the Wall Box Touch is the new generation of EV charging stations ,with new features apart from having the great ones of its predecessor Wallbox Smart.

WallBox Touch Technical Features


  • 1-Phase 230VAC -3-Phase 400VAC
  • Output rated power from 3.7kW to 22kW
  • Backlight LCD display
  • RFID card reader for access control & prepayment
  • Smart metering
  • TCP / IP Ethernet Port
  • 3G modem (optional)
  • Socket / 5m tethered cable
  • Type 2 / Type 1 connector (mode 3)


  • OCPP v.1.2 / 1.5 & XML protocol integration
  • Embedded SCADA (without backoffice)
  • Report of charging logs
  • Alarm notification by email
  • Enable/Disable charger at different timetable

Also includes a 4-key pad that allows a direct access to the unit setup menu to configure settings

Configurable Settings

  • Master card activation
  • Output current (16 or 32A)
  • Date/time
  • User whitelist for access control / Prepayment
  • Scheduled or immediate charging process
  • Energy reading

This way, the Wallbox Touch makes easy to suit the driver’s specific needs.