Basic Post

WallBox Smart Series

The recharging vehicle system Smart Series is specially designed for its use on indoor and outdoor car parks to provide a safely recharge. It consists of a sturdy box designed to put on a parking wall and hold a continuous use, with communications, RFID, metering and more options.

Wallbox Smart Series Technical Features

  • Protection degree : IP54.
  • Compatible with Mode 3 IEC 61851-1. (Certified).
  • Type I, Type II or Schuko connectors, in compliance with the IEC 62196-2 regulations.
  • Charge status light indicator (blue, green and red).
  • Simple installation, 4-point wall fixing.
  • Self-extinguishing ABS plastic casing.
  • Type I support, cable and connector. Type 2 lock connector.
  • Customised housing finish and logos.
  • Backlight LCD display.
  • Integrated energy measurement (Class 1 meter) and Timer.
  • Pre-payment and access control with RFID cards.
  • Ethernet connection.
  • 3G and GPRS communications (optional).
  • SCADA control software conection.
  • Integration with other software (OCPP, XML, ...).