Circontrol Quick Charging Combo System

Compact Quick Charger

Circontrol Quick Charger Compact unit is able to charge all electric vehicles using DC CHAdeMO and AC standards. Charge your car while you take a cup of tea, it will not take longer than 15min. Our Quick Chargers are equipped with dual technology allowing simultaneous charging of two cars making suitable for business and commercial fleets as well as petrol station along the roads. The Compact version has been adapted with latest communication protocols OCPP and XML. Circontrol offers an innovative software based in SCADA for remote control and as a management tool. Charging operator can friendly access to status information, graphics and charge reports according historical data registered.

Quick Charging Compact System Technical Features

  • Quick Charging in 15 minutes
  • 8” LCD screen for user interaction
  • Start, Stop and emergency buttons
  • Light indications for status
  • RFID identification and prepayment
  • Mode 3 and mode 4 locking mechanism
  • Real time energy metering
  • Time and consumption based prepayment modes
  • Simultaneous AC & DC charging with maximum demand control
  • IP Rate: IP54
  • Temperature range -30ºC to +45ºC
  • Protection against overloads, short-circuits and insulation faults with an automatic
  • switch
  • EV standards: IEC 62196-3, IEC 61851-1, CHAdeMO and CCS (combo 2)
  • Remote control and monitoring of the unit through standard XML & HTML
  • OCPP protocol integration
  • Ethernet 10/100BaseTX communication and 3G (Optional)