Circontrol Quick Charging Advance System

Quick charge Advance system

Circontrol’s quick charging stations are the fastests way of charging today’s electric vehicles. Their innovative, original design offers a fast, easy to use charging solution, in line with CHAdeMO’s current standards for the quick, direct current charging of electric vehicles. This solution has a user friendly interface, vandal proof design and easy to install structure. Communications (Ethernet, 3G...) has been integrated in all models allowing remote controlling of the units and remote monitoring in real time. This feature provides and easy way to integrate in higher systems allowing owner to take profit of it.

Quick Charging Advance System Technical Features

  • Current socket lock during the charging process (Mode 3 & Mode 4).
  • Consumption counter kWh and charging time displayed.
  • Time and consumption based prepayment modes.
  • Simultaneous charging AC & DC.
  • Communications & Protocols.
  • Remote control and monitoring of the unit through standar XML & HTML.
  • OCPP Protocol integration.
  • Ethernet: 10/100BaseTX communication.
  • Embedded Scada Software for mantenance & control.